Aboriginal Maritime Safety Resources

The Aboriginal Maritime Safety Plan was launched in November 2020. One of the key actions of the Plan was to establish a network of Aboriginal Boating Safety Champions to encourage safe boating practices, and reduce unlicensed boat driving and lifejacket non-wear.

The video below introduces our first Aboriginal Boating Safety Champions including Shane Phillips, CEO of Tribal Warrior, Jess Slow, NSW Maritime Boating Education Officer and Tullarah Simpson, Assistant Project Officer for the Centre for Maritime Safety. Our Aboriginal Boating Safety Champions share stories about the connection Aboriginal people have with NSW waterways and how understanding common on-water risks can help to bring the mob home safely.

In addition to the Aboriginal Boating Safety Champions video, an Aboriginal maritime safety animation has been developed. The animation covers a range of maritime priority safety issues including checking the weather, wearing a lifejacket, safe speeds, alcohol limits and keeping a proper lookout to name a few. This animation is another educational resource supporting the key actions of the Aboriginal Maritime Safety Plan.

To highlight the importance of safe boating practices for all ages, the My Safe Boating Adventure colouring book is now available to download below. This colouring book encourages young and old to be aware of waterway safety with its eye-catching illustrations of boating adventures.

Download the My Safe Boating Adventure Colouring Book HERE.