Personal watercraft (PWC) safety


Personal watercraft (PWC), commonly referred to as jet skis, are fast, powerful and highly maneuverable. The most common PWC incident causes are lack of judgement, no proper lookout and excessive speed.

Knowing the rules, obtaining a PWC licence and learning how to ride safely is the best way to increase the safety of PWC riders, their passengers and others sharing the waterways.



Tips to stay safe:

  • You and your passengers should always wear a lifejacket when riding, regardless of speed
  • Keep to a safe speed for the conditions and follow the speed limit signs
  • Always keep a safe distance clear of others. the shore, structures, other craft and especially people in the water
  • PWC use water-jet thrust to steer. Be aware that if the throttle is turned off suddenly, the control you have over the steering can be reduced
  • Always make sure the bungs are in
  • Always check the weather before you head out
  • Tell someone where you are going and your estimated time of arrival.

A guide to the PWC rules and requirements can be found in the PWC Handbook.